The Tale of Two Vanities

Vintage family vanity for Peggy

So my part of this story starts with my finding the vintage vanity at Wausau Pickers in Wausau Wisconsin.  I fell in love with the vanity and wanted to rescue it from it’s sad neglected state.  So I bought it and brought it home and we refinished it in a pearl metallic paint and added a new full length mirror.  It is gorgeous I have to say.  The day after I put it up for sale I was contacted by Patty.  Her sister Peggy saw my post and showed her sister Patty the picture.  Patty loves it and wants to buy it.  So Patty buys the vanity and we get to talking.  This vintage vanity is almost exactly like the one her mom had and her sister Peggy use to use when she was a teenager.  Patty use to sit and watch her beautiful sister get ready in front of it.  Patty didn’t know what happened to her family vanity.  She bought the vintage vanity that we refinished because it brought back lovely memories for her.  Patty was so excited she talked to her brother about it and he said he thought the one their sister had was in his garage.  It had been there for years.  So Patty and Peggy decide to ask me if we could look at it and decide if it can be saved.  Today we delivered the vintage vanity that I bought and we refinished to Patty today.  She says it is gorgeous and she is very happy.  It means a lot to her to have one that looks like the one she grew up with.  Then we went to Peggy’s house and looked at her family vanity.  It is in very sad shape and needs a lot of work but I am willing to try to bring new life back to it.  It is very similar to the one we did so if we can save it the sisters will have sister vanities.  Peggy’s vanity will also be done in the pearl metallic color with silver knobs.  I just hope we can keep all the details.  This makes me so happy saving old pieces and giving them a new life and new home with people to cherish them and maybe pass them down through out the years.  Patty has a new grandchild coming so you never know if another little girl will grow up into a woman in front of the vintage vanity we rescued. The Vintage family vanity had 7 layers of paint on it. Termite damage and an animal nest in one Drawer. The mirrors were all damaged and one mirror had kiss prints where Patty had kissed the mirror as a teenager. One applique had to be replaced. We repaired as much as possible and painted it in the pearl metallic with silver wax on the details.  So the vintage family vanity is finished and delivered.  The picture at the top is the finished vanity. It turned out amazing and both Peggy and Patty love it. I also framed the kiss mark that was on the old mirror and gave it to Peggy. It was really lovely meeting Patty and Peggy and their husband’s. They are all very sweet people. We are very happy we could save this family treasure. 


vintage vanity from Wausau Pickers


Vintage vanity we refinished and Patty bought


  • 20170311_152406.jpg

    Vintage family vanity for Peggy

Drawer with many layers of paint

Drawers with all the paint stripped off

Mirror with the kiss prints

Damaged applique

Repairing of the cabinet

Taking the old Upholstery off

These pieces have been primed

Silver wax on the detail

New applique with silver wax

Original stool with silver stenciling

Drawers are lined and chair is reupholstered

Peggy and Patty.

Christy’s Sewing Machine Vanity Update

This project is almost finished! I have added what I like to call the “Beauty Bin” in the space where the sewing machine used to be. I removed a couple parts underneath that were unnecessary and unsightly.  Then sanded the whole unit. I have repainted the base a dark charcoal satin, the top is restained with Ebony and the drawers and lid is painted Mettalic Seashell. I just cleaned up the hardware and kept original. Added a stencil to the bottom of the bin and all it needs now us a chair. That is next up!  Let me know your thoughts.

Before pics:

Gorgeous and glamorous 

That’s what you will be as you look into the mirror of this one of a kind beautiful vanity.  We have refinished this vanity in a gorgeous pearl metallic color. The hardware has silver metallic wax applied to give it a sparkling vintage look. We found a vintage chair that is perfect with the vanity. We refinished the chair in the same pearl metallic color and reupholstered it in a shimmering pearl and silver fabric that matches beautifully.  Imagine yourself getting ready each day in front of this pretty vanity you’ll feel glamorous just getting ready for work. We will have this vanity at our booth for the Vintage Shop Hop.  March 3 & 4  10-5. 111 Erick St suite 124  Crystal Lake IL . 

Back in Black

It’s not polite to stare! But I know you can’t help it. This Mid Century Modern Drum table is stunning. Can you believe this was a boring Brown?  I just love the black and white and the chair complements the table beautifully.  These two gorgeous pieces will be for sale in our booth we will have for the Vintage Shop Hop.  We are located in the Urban Farm House 111 Erick St suite 124 Crystal Lake IL.  You know you want these all you have to do is come by and pick them up. March 3&4 10-5. 

Thanks to our hubbies. 

Thanks to Dean Ogurek for creating our beautiful sign and our logo. You are very talented and we appreciate all your help. Christy and I could not do all that we do without the help and support of our husbands. My husband Jeff has helped so much in the shopping, lifting and organizing of the SUV and delivering of the pieces along with many other things. Christy and I are very lucky to have them as our husband’s. 

Vintage Shop Hop 

We did it we put our fears aside and rented a booth so we could be included in the Vintage Shop Hop! This is a first for us and Christy and I are very excited to be part of the Vintage Shop Hop. We have been working very hard to complete all kinds of projects. This is where we will have the Mid Century Modern pieces along with items of different styles. I hope to have the vanity done so I can include it in our booth. Please get a group together and join the Vintage Shop Hop and stop by our booth at the Urban Farm House 111 Erick St. Suite 123 Crystal Lake IL 60014. We will also be doing a giveaway away for the Vintage Bin filled with a flowering plant. Hope to see you all there. March 3 & 4  10-5

Don’t put me on a pedestal! 

Don’t put me on a pedestal just because I’m beautiful! This pedestal table is to accompany the chairs we just completed for our client. This pedestal table has received the same country white paint and light distressing. You will be able to purchase the whole set at Prairie Sage Home in Wisconsin Rapids Wisconsin when it is all done and she has it out for sale. This dining set will add a little of charm to anyone’s dining room. …Laurie

Sleek and sexy cabinet 

​I have refinished this Mid Century Modern cabinet and created this sleek, sexy and stunning piece that will be perfect for Valentine’s Day. It can be used as a bar as shown or in anyway you like.  The dimensions are 24′ long by 16′ deep by 24 1/2″ high. On sale now for $200.00

Sleek and sexy cabinet

You’re so vain you probably think these vanities are for you don’t you?


Well you don’t have to be vain to want a vanity.  We have these two vintage vanities and two vintage sewing tables that we will create vanities from that can be yours when we are finished or you could request to have one customized for you.  All of these will be beautiful when they are completed.  They will all have a pretty vanity stool or chair to accompany them. Everyone would feel glamorous getting ready sitting in front of one of these vanities.  Please let Christy or I know if you are interested in one of them so we can customize it especially for you.  The sewing table in the lower middle is already spoken for. …..Laurie