The Tale of Two Vanities

Vintage family vanity for Peggy

So my part of this story starts with my finding the vintage vanity at Wausau Pickers in Wausau Wisconsin.  I fell in love with the vanity and wanted to rescue it from it’s sad neglected state.  So I bought it and brought it home and we refinished it in a pearl metallic paint and added a new full length mirror.  It is gorgeous I have to say.  The day after I put it up for sale I was contacted by Patty.  Her sister Peggy saw my post and showed her sister Patty the picture.  Patty loves it and wants to buy it.  So Patty buys the vanity and we get to talking.  This vintage vanity is almost exactly like the one her mom had and her sister Peggy use to use when she was a teenager.  Patty use to sit and watch her beautiful sister get ready in front of it.  Patty didn’t know what happened to her family vanity.  She bought the vintage vanity that we refinished because it brought back lovely memories for her.  Patty was so excited she talked to her brother about it and he said he thought the one their sister had was in his garage.  It had been there for years.  So Patty and Peggy decide to ask me if we could look at it and decide if it can be saved.  Today we delivered the vintage vanity that I bought and we refinished to Patty today.  She says it is gorgeous and she is very happy.  It means a lot to her to have one that looks like the one she grew up with.  Then we went to Peggy’s house and looked at her family vanity.  It is in very sad shape and needs a lot of work but I am willing to try to bring new life back to it.  It is very similar to the one we did so if we can save it the sisters will have sister vanities.  Peggy’s vanity will also be done in the pearl metallic color with silver knobs.  I just hope we can keep all the details.  This makes me so happy saving old pieces and giving them a new life and new home with people to cherish them and maybe pass them down through out the years.  Patty has a new grandchild coming so you never know if another little girl will grow up into a woman in front of the vintage vanity we rescued. The Vintage family vanity had 7 layers of paint on it. Termite damage and an animal nest in one Drawer. The mirrors were all damaged and one mirror had kiss prints where Patty had kissed the mirror as a teenager. One applique had to be replaced. We repaired as much as possible and painted it in the pearl metallic with silver wax on the details.  So the vintage family vanity is finished and delivered.  The picture at the top is the finished vanity. It turned out amazing and both Peggy and Patty love it. I also framed the kiss mark that was on the old mirror and gave it to Peggy. It was really lovely meeting Patty and Peggy and their husband’s. They are all very sweet people. We are very happy we could save this family treasure. 


vintage vanity from Wausau Pickers


Vintage vanity we refinished and Patty bought


  • 20170311_152406.jpg

    Vintage family vanity for Peggy

Drawer with many layers of paint

Drawers with all the paint stripped off

Mirror with the kiss prints

Damaged applique

Repairing of the cabinet

Taking the old Upholstery off

These pieces have been primed

Silver wax on the detail

New applique with silver wax

Original stool with silver stenciling

Drawers are lined and chair is reupholstered

Peggy and Patty.

Don’t put me on a pedestal! 

Don’t put me on a pedestal just because I’m beautiful! This pedestal table is to accompany the chairs we just completed for our client. This pedestal table has received the same country white paint and light distressing. You will be able to purchase the whole set at Prairie Sage Home in Wisconsin Rapids Wisconsin when it is all done and she has it out for sale. This dining set will add a little of charm to anyone’s dining room. …Laurie

Take a Seat

Charming set of chairs


We had been given the opportunity to refinish a set of dining room chairs and round pedestal table for a client. We have the four chairs and we will be picking up the pedestal table this weekend.  These four chairs have been done and pedestal table will be done in the creamy country white as the pretty hutch we just completed for her.  They have been lightly distressed so they will compliment the hutch. I think the fabric she picked looks perfect with the color and contemporary country charm. I can’t wait to see all the pieces together I think they will be enchanting! ….

Client’s Console Table

A client contacted us to refinish this console table to match her kitchen cabinets.  It was green with a brown glaze.  We changed the color to a warm cream and added a burnt umber glaze.  The glaze added age to the piece especially on the drawers.  The console table is done and will be delivered tomorrow. . ….Laurie

Update on the Pretty Headboard Bench

Well, it’s finally finished! In a delicate cream white Satin finish and a beautiful lettered fabric selected by the client,  this bench will make a gorgeous piece in any home. It was fun to create this bench from a twin headboard and an old dilapidated chair. I may just try this again someday.20170128_143658

This bench is coming along very nicely.  It is primed and ready for painting. I decided to create a curved seat to keep the look and feel of the rest of the bench.  Fabric and paint color will be chosen by the client and I can’t wait to see what she picks. Stay tuned for the finished piece! …..Christy 

Country China Hutch

We have been hard at work on this china hutch turning it from drab to country cute. This is a custom refinishing project for a client. She wanted a soft white color with distressing. Hard to see the distressing on the picture but it is distressed to look naturally occurring over time. The hutch is complete and I think it turned out perfect! The client loves it also. I had a lot of fun distressing it. Just the right amount of country charm. What do you think? ….. Laurie



Updating your dining room

These are pictures of the client’s pieces we updated for her. The white chairs we did look cute with the blue bench we painted for her.  Her family heirloom corner hutch pulls it all together with the white and blue color scheme. Her dining room looks very cheerful and we are really happy we could help bring her vision for this room to life. …..Laurie

A Gold Party Chalkboard 


These are pictures of a chalkboard we did for a realitor. She displayed the chalkboard outside of her home to welcome her guests to a party she was throwing. We found a large frame and refinished it in gold. This chalkboard looks great and will work for any occasion. Thanks for sharing your pictures. …..Laurie

A Throne Fit For Royalty 

The throne for the little princess is done. I think the little girl will like her pretty chair. We painted the chair in white and reupholstered the seat and back. We added some extra padding to soften the seat. I think the royal princess will rule her little kindom quite nicely in this pretty throne. ….Lauriewp-1481130163628.jpg



A Throne Fit for Royalty

wp-1480800105621.jpgWe are in the early stages of refinishing a throne for one very special princess. A loving grandmother contacted us to customize the perfect princess chair for her granddaughter’s bedroom. She already purchased a quaint little bench from us, with the perfect secret hiding spot for treasures beneath the seat. The new throne will be updated to match and should be the perfect addition to her royal suite. ….Laurie

We have already sanded and primed the chair and are beginning the painting stage. The chair will be finished in the same style as the bench above. Once complete, the white frame will highlight the feminine aqua floral and vine pattern on the seat and back.

Check back for the finished product, we are sure you will love it!