You’re so vain you probably think these vanities are for you don’t you?


Well you don’t have to be vain to want a vanity.  We have these two vintage vanities and two vintage sewing tables that we will create vanities from that can be yours when we are finished or you could request to have one customized for you.  All of these will be beautiful when they are completed.  They will all have a pretty vanity stool or chair to accompany them. Everyone would feel glamorous getting ready sitting in front of one of these vanities.  Please let Christy or I know if you are interested in one of them so we can customize it especially for you.  The sewing table in the lower middle is already spoken for. …..Laurie

A Vanity From a Vintage Sewing Table. 

I will be taking this vintage sewing table and creating a beautiful vanity table. There are so many pretty details on this sewing table that will be stunning when it is painted. I will be adding a recessed lined compartment to hold makeup or jewelry.  I will be changing the lid so it will open towards the back and not to the side as it does now. There will be a mirror attached to the lid. I will be adding a pretty stool so this vanity will be complete and ready for you to use and enjoy. 

Vintage Vanity

I picked up this vintage vanity at Wausau Pickers an indoor market full of wonderful things. Wausau Pickers is the place we found the two sewing machine tables also. I couldn’t resist this vintage vanity. It definitely needs some love but after the glass is replaced and any problems fixed this will be a gorgeous one of a kind piece. These types of vanities can be stunning and what person wouldn’t feel glamorous sitting in front of this vanity and getting ready for your day or night. Reminds me of old Hollywood. I can’t wait to see how it turns out. …… Laurie